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Gods and Progeny
 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

Class Paths

We had this in VG mate, it wasn't difficult at all. We have stated that we will have something similar in Pantheon with class paths and we have several team members who worked on VG who know how it works and how to balance classes accordingly ;)

I am not sure how it can be perceived that one path will be "ok" and the other "subpar", the developers wouldn't bother wasting their valuable time with one good build and one bad and if a community member ostracises you or anyone else for a class build/decision/gear/performance, then /ignore that person and carry on with your gaming experience man! I wouldn't waste the time of day on someone like that.

Any concerns over classes before we even release proper information is just pure hyperbole, why would anyone be worried over something that is not only out of their control but something that is in the hands of experienced developers and gamers with proven track records in games such as EQ and VG classes?

I wouldn't worry mate, the game and it's classes are in good hands. :) ( Official Forums )

Loot System

It isn't my place to say yes or no to idea's and discussions like this unless they are way off track and we already have a firm stance on something, this topic, however, is open for discussion, we currently have a looting system in place similar to EQ/VG whereby you select the corpse, right click to open and loot what you want/need (we have a "loot all" option too) and move on, it isn't finalised by any means and is something we will work on as development progresses, so any majority sided ideas and feedback is taken on board and discussed by the team.

If you (the community) decide you want a more modern looting system, then discuss away, I take notes and pass information like this on to the appropriate team members as I see fit but please don't think that because one person posts something that it will be implemented and the game will be ruined, it doesn't work like that, so feel free to discuss without fear of anything happening until there is a majority sided topic that we will then discuss internally. (this goes for all topics)

If you don't want an older looting system and also don't want an auto AoE looting system then put forward a better idea or some kind of compromise, discuss it in a mature fashion and who knows, it may make it past the internal discussion tables and into the game, like with many discussions and ideas over the last couple of years ;)

There is no guarantee that anything will be implemented, though, but if enough people agree and like an idea, I put it on the table for the team to discuss and we take it from there :) ( Official Forums )

Alpha Testing

We will have more information on testing when we get closer to it being ready but for now, there is nothing to share as it may change based on our developmental and testing needs, remember, this will be focused testing until we release a beta client, then it will be more open and flexible. ( Official Forums )

Holy Trinity

FYI as some people have the trinity confused.

The Holy Trinity was always Tank, Healer, CC in that order. It evolved over the years into Tank, Healer, Dps for whatever reason. We are bringing the original back while including all four, we call it the "Quaternity" system and it includes Tank, Healer, CC and Dps.​ ( Official Forums )

Progeny System

If given the chance to let your max level character die and restart as your level 1 son or daughter, would you do it? :)

Think of it as dying peacefully of old age (max level) and restarting fresh as your own son or daughter, keeping a few perks/benefits that your father/mother excelled in (AA points, journeyman crafter, combat passives etc.) if you choose to start as a different class altogether then you may lose some class specific perks that you max level main had for example but it may not matter if you have other benefits to help, there will be decisions to be made ;)  ( Official Forums ) 

 Merideus explores the pantheons of the Dark Myr, Halflings, and Dwarves

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Lore & Marketing

Merideus posted a video delving into the available lore on Pantheon.


Twitter Poll



 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms


Similar to "You're in our world now!" What would like to see for a Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen catch phrase? :) Official Forums )


Backstab will be high damage but what you saw in the stream was unbalanced and OP, I have now got that backstab up to 1460 and can one-shot nearly anything but none of it has been balanced properly which is why I stopped using it and only brought it out during "oh crap" moments for the interest of time so I could make sure you guys got to see the end boss ;) ( Official Forums )

I can't talk much about this yet but what I can say that has already been said is that weapons will matter, my daggers, for instance, will not be as effective against undead skeletons as a mace or club would for the exact reasons you mentioned, they are just a walking pile of bones with nothing much to stab as for individual abilities, we have not discussed that much of the mechanic yet but more will come as development progresses ;)​ ( Official Forums )

Exactly, a weapon change would be in order to be more effective and blackjack for Rogues is perfect ;)​ ( Official Forums )

Item Degradation and Repair

Brad has stated that it won't be in-game, so until we get into testing, there is no way to see whether we will end up needing something like this or not but there is no problem discussing it and sharing ideas and thoughts for a mechanic like this, some like it, some don't but it serves an important purpose and we are still open to suggestions, nothing is set in stone ;)​ ( Official Forums )

Dire Lord

Dire Lord is a mix between Shadow Knight (EQ) and Dread Knight (VG). Bards and Necros will be in most likely after launch. :)​ ( Official Forums )

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VR Forum Posts

When interesting forum comments occur on the official Pantheon forums highlights will be listed here with links to the official forums for further reading. Linked content will focus on details or background that can influence the development of the game. 


 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

Raid Bosses

We have in fact discussed this is great detail many ideas were put forward to mitigate this including one that I mentioned about lockout timers, which were used in VG to allow huge open world raiding and still control over raiding or camping boss mobs, it worked very well.

Basically, if your guild kills a mob, you are locked out from killing it again for 7 days, it respawns either instantly or within an hour and then the next guild can kill it, this way, multiple guilds can work out schedules to kill the boss without interfering with each others raiding schedule and it stops mobs from being over camped for their gear, removing the overcrowding issue between guilds, having multiple raiding mobs on these lockout timers allows guilds to communicate with each other and assign certain days/raids to kill specific mobs, once you get the first week or two down it becomes a normal raiding schedule with little to no interference from other guilds and solves many problems. (Official Forums)

Whichever group/raid tagged the mob first, they would be locked to it and no outside forces/players could attack, once it was dead and that group/raid looted and moved on, either instantly or shortly after M(1-2 hrs) the mob would respawn and the next group/raid could go for it, sometimes there was competition to jump guilds but it was poor form and would be frowned upon but with no real loss to the guild who missed  out as it would either instantly respawn or within an hour, so they could just go and hit another raid mob on their list for that day/night and then come back to finish it off. Official Forums )

Sorry if I made it sound official, I was just explaining how it worked in VG so everyone could get a better understanding of how the lockout timers worked, they are not as evil as some may think but we haven't decided how we will handle this yet, it will most likely be something we tweak in testing while under server load with guilds/group :) Official Forums )

You're welcome and there will be a mixed bag of locked, open, named, respawn timers, camps etc. so I wouldn't worry too much, there will be something for almost everyone :)Official Forums )

Cash Shop

There is a possibility for a cash shop/game store mate, it just would never sell any items that gave an advantage over another player and would not stock any pay to win items, we may, for extra revenue, sell fluff lore friendly items, vanity items, rename vouchers etc. but we have no intention of ruining our game, its economy or any crafting/adventuring spheres by selling advantages to anyone, if we even decide to have a cash shop/store. Official Forums )

Raiding Progression

Which is why we have the Progeny system and other mechanics and features that we will be putting in place to mitigate a lot of that, not to mention the horizontal progression that Brad has specifically spoken about to take more load off this end game build up.

We will lose players who hit max level and get bored, that is just a given in life, especially if players race to the end bypassing content just to get there first, we can't please everyone and we don't intend to try, we will, however, be creating meaningful content, zones, progression and ways to follow different paths to get to the top, then once you are there and maxed out and eventually have nothing left to do, die...then reroll as your son or daughter, keep a couple/few of your best skill bonuses/possible attribute increases and start all over again, this time taking a different path to the top and being slightly better at a few things.

If people still don't like that then that is perfectly fine, this game might not be for them and we wish them well and hope they find a game that better suits their needs :) Official Forums )

Renaming Weapons

If given the chance, what would you call your characters main weapon of choice and why? (keep it clean please) ;) Official Forums )

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GDC 2016


Pantheon was shown to MMORPG and they have provided a write up on what they saw.

GDC 2016 - Hands On Preview of Brad McQuaid's Magnum Opus

Some new descriptions are available of the colored mana effects:

One of the biggest elements the team showed off was how the environment and climate impact the players. This feature really brings something new to our genre that we have not seen before. The first example we saw was how you entered into an invisible magic zone. You were given subtle clues in the game that you suddenly felt different. If you took a few minutes in the zone and went through your inventory you realized you were in a mana zone. The red gem you carried as an artifact (when equipped) would begin to fill up with mana. This was a way to recharge and more importantly boost your spells and effects. The team was quick to explain that some of the mana in the game is set to enhance your abilities. While a cleric may not use red mana in his normal spell set, it can be used to offer enhancements, making the effects stronger. This system was fantastic to watch and really made the yearning to explore much much stronger.

Additionally, there are better details on the game atmosphere, perception system, and tactics to counter the game obstacles.

The team took us through a quest which brought us to the house of a crazed hermit. Inside he invited us to look around and make ourselves at home.  As we explored the rock, we found some loose stone. After searching a bit, we found a ring which would protect us from the magic vortex. It is these clues that really bring the depth into Pantheon. Brad and his team felt strongly that artifacts like the Ring of Anchors we found would be used to mitigate the climate effects on players. This leads into the perception system. If you enter a heavy magic zone then mages may have a heightened awareness. Flip over to the thief and he will be much better at finding traps in a zone. These types of climate changes and character interaction are all interwoven throughout Pantheon for players to enjoy. What made the system to much fun to see in action is that nothing is spelled out for you, it is all about player discovery.

  Game Informer 's write up is also available with similar content.

Massively Overpowered had an interview with Brad McQuaid with comments on grinding/repetition in the game.

Massively Overpowered Interview with Brad McQuaid

“A lot of the needless repetition, too much grinding, sitting there for hours working on your factions… and we’re trying to keep the sessions shorter,” he explains. “We’re targeting around a two-hour session so that a person can still log on with his friends, play a couple of hours, and have a sense of accomplishment. […] And it doesn’t have to be a six-, eight-, ten-hour crazy session because it’s just not really compatible with people’s lives anymore. […] If we can bring back that magic without the tedium or the excessive time or the excessive grind, I think that’s the way to go.”





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Pre-Alpha Twitch Steam
news, gameplay

On March 11, 2016 Visionary Realms streamed a pre-pre-alpha version of the game on in advance of the Game Developer Conference. 

Twitch Stream with chat replay

The game shows your basic functionality of a working MMORPG with players, mobs, loot, combat, pulling mechanics, death, and the basic world navigation. As it is so early in development there are quite a few rough edges that you would expect due to where the game is in the development cycle.

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The start of the Frail Age - Welcome

Welcome to a the Frail Age. This is focused on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen the MMORPG being developed by 

This website is focused on Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen a new MMORPG being developed by Visionary Realms. Touted as a spiritual successor of Everquest including key talent that was involved in Everquest and Vanguard: Saga of Heroes. 

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