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Pax East Coverage

MMORPG.com - The Age of the Indie MMO

The PAX East panel covered struggles working with game publishers on MMORPG's compared to being independant developers. Focusing on fun elements over bells and whistles required by developers or focusing on defined game molds to get approval and funding.


Massively Overpowered interview with Brad McQuaid

Massively Overpowered's Eliot Lefebvre had the chance to sit down with Brad McQuaid (Aradune) and discuss Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen at Pax East.

They discussing the difficulties in startup's, expectations with crowd funding, and reaching a playable alpha state that was fun to play. Now that this milestone is achieved the next steps are adding in the new features that will hopefully bring new life to the MMORPG genre. Environmental areas that could be covered in darkness, mana drain effects, or just simply block any form of magical usage. 

Another key focus is advanced creature Artificial Intelligence that reacts to players composition or tactics. How should the enemy react when the group is full of spell casters or if they are just melee characters?

Some of the most interesting comments revolved around the need for group content and how the game will assist players in learning to find group members to play with. Discussion that the game with start with a matchmaking system for those who start the game with a profile including playstyle and play time selections. Obviously being a game in Alpha this is not set in stone, but one can see the thinking that is occuring in the design process.

Further discussion of "The Quaternity" of player classes including Tanks, Damage Dealers, Control, and Healers and Hybrids being combinations of the roles. The game will be designed to encourage playing alternative characters with mentoring systems, progeny systems, and there is even proposals to allow a player to switch to an alt and then bring it to join the party (Example: bringing a Rogue to disarm traps when they were playing a Crusader).

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Rise of the Followers Contest

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is giving away (5) Knight pledges and (10) Alpha keys by liking and replying to their Facebook page or generating new followers on the official @pantheonMMO twitter handle.


Have your friends and family follow Pantheon on Twitter, then tweet @pantheonMMO with the hashtag #prf and the twitter handle of who referred you. Doing this enters both the new follower and the referrer in the contest.

One entry per follower, no limit to the number of entries for referrers. The more people you get to follow us, the better!

*New followers must remain followers for at least the duration of the competition.

*New followers can also refer their friends to increase their chances.

*Any contestant found to have created multiple accounts to enter the contest will be deemed ineligible - remember, per Twitter guidelines followers found to have created multiple accounts run the risk of having all of their accounts suspended.



Like the official Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen facebook page and Post a Reply to be entered. 


Main Prizes

5 x Knight's Pledge each (Value $100 ea) 

  • Unlimited Supporter Access
  • Alpha access
  • Beta access
  • Early name reservation
  • 2 Digital copies of the game
  • Game Title: Pantheon Explorer
  • Game Item: Fun Illusion
  • Additional character slot
  • Game Item: Explorer's Backpack
  • Game Item: Tunic of the Planes
  • Game Item: Astral Guide Vanity Pet

10 x Alpha Access Key

Alpha access date is still TBD, winning does not mean immediate access to the game.

Winners to be announced May 10, 2016, on or about 7:00 am EST.

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Rogue Reveal

Pantheon official website has released a closer look at the Rogue character class:

Swift, elusive and deadly, the treacherous Rogue is far more than a trickster. With daggers drawn she is a ruinous force, dwelling in the dread of her foes and smiling at the dark as if it were an old friend. In the shifting sands of this fragile era, Rogues are sought out for the faceless affairs of nations. Yet their allegiance is rarely to a banner or creed.

  • Group Role: Melee DPS, Support
  • Armor: Medium Chain and Leather
  • Weaponry: Rogues are proficient with most one-handed weapons, being used to situations where they have to improvise with the best tool at hand. While daggers, rapiers, shortswords, and other piercing weapons tend to be their preference, they’re no strangers to most simple and militaristic weapons, including ranged and alchemical creations.
  • Ability Arsenal: The Rogue calls upon a multitude of skills, such as trapfinding, disabling traps, and opening locks. They can also strike an opponent when they least expect it with deadly precision, oft times with a poison coated blade. Some Rogues are driven to experimentation with crafting their own devices and alchemical concoctions to distract, damage, and escape their foes.
  • Iconic Ability: Improvised Alchemy
    Embracing life on the edge, the Rogue calls upon their knowledge of poisons and mixtures to whip up an improvised potion to hurl at their opponents. Such creations aren’t made with the level of care a dedicated Alchemist might craft, so the Rogue never knows for sure what effect they’re going to come up with until they see the result in combat .


High Definition Screenshots

Due to the request of fans, high definition screenshots of the area visited in the Pantheon Twitch live stream have been made available. These screenshots show the orc encampment, orc models, the chamber of souls, and a certain death reaper that might have followed the group home if you watched to the end of the stream. 



Pledge Package Contest

Pantheon also announced later this week there will be a contest for additional pledge packages, including some Alpha keys. They plan to announce these via their official website, Facebook, and Twitter.

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Pax & Expanded Fans

MMORPG will be hosting a panel on The Age of the Indie MMO at Pax East (Condor Theatre: Friday 4/22 11:00 AM-12:00PM). Brad McQuaid of Visionary Realms will be one of the panelists.


MMORPG.com - The Age of the Indie MMO

This will be our seventh year at PAX East bringing you the best panel for online games. MMOs have changed a lot over the past few years, and now the independent movement for games is stronger than ever. What does this mean for the players? Find out, as experts talk about the move to take more MMOs into the indie game space.


Garrett Fuller [Industry Relations Manager, MMORPG.com], Jenesee Grey [Community Manager, City State Entertainment], Richard Garriott [Founder, Portalarium], John Smedley [Founder, Pixel Mage Games], Dallas Dickinson [President, QC Games], Brad McQuaid [CEO, Visionary Realms]



BuzWeaver, a YouTuber with various HowTo, Product Reviews, and game information (H1Z1, Battlefield, and Landmark) videos is adding coverage to Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.


Voices of Terminus has transitioned to a new website and joined Reddit. Members Dalinsia and Yarnila have frequent Twitch streams to discuss various topics and news. Recently they had a Q&A with Cromulent, creator of Pantheon Crafters

Voices of Terminus is looking for others to spread the word, expand the guild (without a name), and seek additional content and discussion for their live streams.




 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

Gear Inspection

In VG we had /anon and /inspect if you were /anon you couldn't be inspected, made life easy and in raids we used to ask people to remove /anon so we can check gear to build the raid appropriately and put them in the best group possible if their gear was subpar :) ( Official Forums )

Game Client

Having our own client/launcher is much easier for us to manage with updates etc. Steam is extra hassle but it is worth it for the extra reach and potential in target audience we would receive, plus it would help fill the game with like-minded players, which is a win for the community too and when Steam has its big sales, people could pick it up if they were unable to afford it the first time around but we would never force you to use Steam :) ( Official Forums )


What is your preferred choice, up close and personal or dropping bombs from a distance? :)​ ( Official Forums )

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Additional Live Stream Reactions

Many former Everquest (EQ/EQ2/EQOA) and Vanguard players have been excited about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and the March live stream. Being able to see diverse reactions to the same content is amazing to see what catches the attention of different fans.

EQOAnostalgia, a loyal fan of Everquest Online Adventures, has a review of the Live Stream


Sludgebeard, posted a video comparing the old features and merging them with the new


Yarnila Graumond released a fan-made video utilizing the Keepings of Castigue.

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Gods and Progeny
 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

Class Paths

We had this in VG mate, it wasn't difficult at all. We have stated that we will have something similar in Pantheon with class paths and we have several team members who worked on VG who know how it works and how to balance classes accordingly ;)

I am not sure how it can be perceived that one path will be "ok" and the other "subpar", the developers wouldn't bother wasting their valuable time with one good build and one bad and if a community member ostracises you or anyone else for a class build/decision/gear/performance, then /ignore that person and carry on with your gaming experience man! I wouldn't waste the time of day on someone like that.

Any concerns over classes before we even release proper information is just pure hyperbole, why would anyone be worried over something that is not only out of their control but something that is in the hands of experienced developers and gamers with proven track records in games such as EQ and VG classes?

I wouldn't worry mate, the game and it's classes are in good hands. :) ( Official Forums )

Loot System

It isn't my place to say yes or no to idea's and discussions like this unless they are way off track and we already have a firm stance on something, this topic, however, is open for discussion, we currently have a looting system in place similar to EQ/VG whereby you select the corpse, right click to open and loot what you want/need (we have a "loot all" option too) and move on, it isn't finalised by any means and is something we will work on as development progresses, so any majority sided ideas and feedback is taken on board and discussed by the team.

If you (the community) decide you want a more modern looting system, then discuss away, I take notes and pass information like this on to the appropriate team members as I see fit but please don't think that because one person posts something that it will be implemented and the game will be ruined, it doesn't work like that, so feel free to discuss without fear of anything happening until there is a majority sided topic that we will then discuss internally. (this goes for all topics)

If you don't want an older looting system and also don't want an auto AoE looting system then put forward a better idea or some kind of compromise, discuss it in a mature fashion and who knows, it may make it past the internal discussion tables and into the game, like with many discussions and ideas over the last couple of years ;)

There is no guarantee that anything will be implemented, though, but if enough people agree and like an idea, I put it on the table for the team to discuss and we take it from there :) ( Official Forums )

Alpha Testing

We will have more information on testing when we get closer to it being ready but for now, there is nothing to share as it may change based on our developmental and testing needs, remember, this will be focused testing until we release a beta client, then it will be more open and flexible. ( Official Forums )

Holy Trinity

FYI as some people have the trinity confused.

The Holy Trinity was always Tank, Healer, CC in that order. It evolved over the years into Tank, Healer, Dps for whatever reason. We are bringing the original back while including all four, we call it the "Quaternity" system and it includes Tank, Healer, CC and Dps.​ ( Official Forums )

Progeny System

If given the chance to let your max level character die and restart as your level 1 son or daughter, would you do it? :)

Think of it as dying peacefully of old age (max level) and restarting fresh as your own son or daughter, keeping a few perks/benefits that your father/mother excelled in (AA points, journeyman crafter, combat passives etc.) if you choose to start as a different class altogether then you may lose some class specific perks that you max level main had for example but it may not matter if you have other benefits to help, there will be decisions to be made ;)  ( Official Forums ) 

 Merideus explores the pantheons of the Dark Myr, Halflings, and Dwarves

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