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Mana Climates - MMORPG Interview with Joppa
Mana Climate, Relic

MMORPG posted an article on Mana Climates last week shed some new light on the feature and requested questions from the community to be answered by Visionary Realms Developers. 

Activating an ability’s Mana Affinity can apply a wide range of bonus modifiers to that ability, including the chance for powerful effect-procs, depending on the quality of the Relic and the depth of the particular Mana Affinity. Each time an ability with that Mana Affinity is used, it will drain a percentage of the Mana contained in the Relic, until the Relic is empty. (Hint: fighting inside of a Mana Climate will allow your Relic to continually replenish itself in and out of combat!)

The questions were collected and 10 were answered by Joppa ranging from limits on relics, methods to obtain, and player modifications or control of mana climates. 

MMORPG: So it kind of sounded like every class will have some type of "mana affinity" or is it purely "magic classes"?

Chris Perkins: It is not the classes that have the mana affinity, but the spells/abilities themselves. A Wizard's fireball spell might have a red mana affinity, while a Cleric's healing spell may have a white mana affinity. These are not official examples, btw!

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Kilsin Interview with Voices of Terminus

A very informative streamed interview of Kilsin of Visionary Realms by the Voices of Terminus team. 

A combination of planned questions and twitch chat generated questions were used to learn some new details.

Community Manager Role

Kilsin started from the Vanguard community and while collaborating with Joppa on Pantheon was able to transition into the Community Manager.


Visionary Realms is a diverse team that is works remotely for the most part. Utilizing skype, google docs, and email.


Kilsin's role as Community Manager involves reading the Pantheon Forums, Twitter, Facebook and organizing this information to the developers and designers in usable formats where possible. Kilsin also moderates the Pantheon forums to direct traffic to main threads and avoiding 17 different threads on the same topics. Managing the Visionary Realms and Pantheon website. 


Q:What is your favority community suggestion?

Kilsin:So many on so many different topics

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Dev Interviews and Design Theories

Voices of Terminus - Dev Q&A

Voices of Terminus the Twitch show will be interviewing Kilsin of Visionary Realms Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 4PM Eastern. 

If you miss the stream the videos are later added to the Voices of Terminus youtube channel

Meeting Brad McQuaid at Pax East

Youtuber Thomas Bell posted a video from a meeting he experienced with Brad McQuaid and his friend Rob at Pax East

They also have a more recent video on Tanks and how they might be unique in Pantheon.


Theorycrafting on Game Systems

Brainbean Gaming has another video detailing his theories and ideas on game systems like Crafting, Death, and Alternative Advancement.


 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

Guild Recruitment

We have been listening to your feedback and knowing how important Guilds are to our community and our game, we have gone ahead and created a special guild subforum on our official forums to enable guilds and guild members to connect with each other, find lost guild members, advertise your guild, recruit new members, have general guild discussions or start building a guild for the first time in preparation for Pantheons group based gameplay.

Community building and social interaction are key features of Pantheon, and so please be sure to visit our forums and check out the new guild sections! :) ( Official Forums )

Character Last Names

Yes, we have last names but only in basic form at the moment :) ( Official Forums )

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State of Game, May 2016

Visionary Realms released their May newsletter providing an update on the State of the Game.

After welcoming the new Pantheon team members again the game state was discussed.

World Building

Avendyr's Pass is being finalized and will include an overland dungeon called Black Dagger Keep. The capital cities and corresponding zones Wild's End, Faerthale, and Thronefast are underway as well as the Steppes of Ru'Lun and the Roans have been started. The Roans will be the zone name for where the Silent Sanctum is located. 

Plans are for a showcase in the next month of the Black Dagger Keep.


Technical Development

Combat 2.0 is being wrapped up based on lessons learned from the first milestone of the game. (Backstab might not be as Overpowered as what we saw in the Twitch Pre-Alpha stream) A large focus of this will involve adjusting the fight length times based on character level and level disparity factors (Level 7 character fighting a level 10 creature).

Mana climate and Atmospheres are still being refined and built on what was demonstrated in the Pre-Alpha stream.

Remaining classes, levels, and abilities are being spec'd out.

NPC Dispositions and Behaviors is ready for testing.

Perception and Quest systems demonstrated at GDC and creation tools are still being worked on.

Schedule Implications

The development team is utilizing the new tools and team growth to accomplish more at a quicker pace and parallel development. 

Visionary Realms is still looking to expand the team in World Building to ensure enough content for external testing.

Their goal is to have King's Reach playable with overland and dungeon content for levels 1 to about 40.

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Rise of the Followers: Winners

Visionary Realms has announced the winners of the Rise of the Followers contest from Facebook and Twitter.

Knight's Pledge Winners

Cameron B

John C

Warmaster Wolf




Alpha Access Winners

Tim J

Patrick M

Patrick P

Sean W

Kevin O







If you won check your Inbox/Messages/Direct Messages.

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VR Posts, Fan Vids, mmo.it inteview
 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

Aggro wipes / Leashing

Right at the very end we all wiped on the boss but there was a bug where our death didn;t wipe aggro, so the mobs travelled across the entire zone to find us at our respawn location in a small town and proceeded to spawn camp us, it was quite funny :)

There is no leashing in Pantheon, IO have kited a wolf for 45 mins trying to stay alive on a low-level character before, you aggro it then you either fight it or die to it unless of course you can make it out of the zone :) ( Official Forums )

Anti-Cheat Methods

This is a good informative post Liav, and this topic interests me a lot, I have researched anti-cheats quite a bit as games like CSGO which use the VAC system still have trouble detecting cheaters/hackers which is also the case for many MMORPG's, so it is interesting to see how each type of system works and what the pros/cons are for them. ( Official Forums )

VR Forum Interaction

Or we could let people express their opinions knowing we would never implement many things like that into the game that we are creating in the image of older school games like EQ and VG without losing our minds and trying to forum fight them to death for posting their opinions?

I seriously laugh at some of these random ideas that are more suited to modern instant gratification games but then moments later see a nasty reply from a community member fighting them bitterly when there was absolutely no chance that it would ever get implemented anyway...very disappointing. I am the one that passes this information on and I only do so with information that is relatable to our game and has majority support so there is no need to worry about the odd post here or there that expresses a different opinion/suggestion.

Unless it comes from a VR team member, it is just an opinion/suggestion from one person on the internet, there is nothing to fear or fight, the fact that they spoke it aloud doesn't mean it will now be magically implemented and ruin the game for everyone, you have to have a bit of confidence and trust in us, we have a clear vision and goal for Pantheon, we have publicly stated them and display them on our website for all to see so I wouldn't worry about random posts requesting something that goes against our games vision, it is definitely not worth fighting or arguing over. :) ( Official Forums )

Subscriber Numbers

I understand the interest but it is not something we can discuss. The subs and pledges help us a lot and have gotten us to where we are today and we cannot thank everyone enough for that support, it means the world to us! :) ( Official Forums )

We used to have a counter to show the amount in total but it broke and was unable to calculate a wide range of ways to donate, so it was never an accurate number, besides we cannot disclose the amount given to us by our angel investor and on top of that, people can purchase a pledge without subscribing to get unlimited access to the forums or just subscribe monthly, there is also direct ways to support us for larger amounts and they usually wish to remain anonymous so any number we put up will be false and just for show as there are too many variables and numbers we cannot show, so we don't feel it is worth wasting anyones time displaying an inaccurate or partial number and instead, concentrate on using the support to help build the game and support the staff as it does fall under business privacy too, even though we have nothing to hide we still need to protect our angel investor and anonymous supporters, which I am sure you can understand. :)​ ( Official Forums )

New Forums

No ETA yet Jason, we are working hard on the game and other areas of development while we wait for what we need to move to the new forums, if we are unable to get what we need then we will need to find another forum solution, so in the meantime, we will be using these forums until we are ready and I will announce any new information or progress in this area as soon as it is time. ( Official Forums )


New Fan Vids

Brainbean Gaming has a new video about Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen covering the ideas resulting in excitement with some humor tossed in.

Lauralania a streamer talks about Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen.

MMO.it interviews Brad McQuaid

MMO.it sat down with Brad McQuaid to talk about Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen. Highlights include the artists being used and development choices of reusing an existing IP compared to starting fresh.

MMO.it: For Vanguard and EverQuest you worked with Keith Parkinson, great artist and fantasy illustrator unfortunately died prematurely in 2005. In his illustrations Parkinson knew to evoke a great sense of mystery, a mystical and charming fantasy. Do you give the same artistic impression to the fantasy setting of Pantheon, and who will handle the art direction?


Brad McQuaid: We’ve worked with some great artists like JP Targete and have some very talented artists on the team already, but we are still looking for an Art Director that meets our needs and standards and shares our vision. In fact, candidates for this position can get in touch with us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We’d love to hear from you!


MMO.it: Now a question that many people ask us. We know that today developing an entirely new MMORPG is an immense effort that requires several years of development. Why then do not recover an old MMORPG? Just imagine: Visionary Realms begins a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to regain license of Vanguard from former Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Games). Once the team has access to the original code, is working to revive Vanguard: graphics, animations and interface are improved, while artwork, music, housing, crafting and diplomacy system are ready. The various remastered editions that are coming out in recent years show that the public have a great desire to play again popular titles of the past. Why then not revive Vanguard?


Brad McQuaid: As proud as I am, and the teams that worked on them, are of both EverQuest and Vanguard, this is 2016 and we feel a creative desire to move the genre forward as opposed to resurrecting an older game. While Pantheon is bringing back many of the older more social mechanics and ideas from the first generation of MMOs it is not an emulator. There are many new approaches and mechanics in Pantheon and we are very passionate and dedicated to making a new game of our own.


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