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Early Gamplay Stream: BDK

Early Gameplay stream of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen with developers and Who's Gaming Now network visiting Black Dagger Keep and Halnir Mines

The archived stream can also be viewed to see chat interaction between fans and Kilsin.

As time allows review of the video for features, zones, and systems will be collected and listed.

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Joppa Interview with Gaiscioch Magazine

Highlights from the interview:

  • Group content slated to be 6 players
  • Raid content will involve larger numbers (Numbers to be released later)
  • "Grand Scale Content" could affect multiple zones of players at once, or even entire planet itself
    • "you can expect to see several types of grand-scale content in Pantheon"
  • Focus on Rewarding Challenge, Genuine Immersion, and Social Bonds.

Twitch Stream Reminder

Visionary Realms will be streaming Pantheon at 6pm PDT. Join the stream to see Black Dagger Keep at Visionary Realms Twitch Stream or Who's Gaming Now.

This stream is expected to be posted on Youtube after the stream so links will be posted with comments when available. 

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VR Posts, Twitch Reminder, Spiders
 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

2-4 group content

There will definitely be content for small groups in Pantheon ;) ( Official Forums )

Possible Website Outage

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about possible website and forum outages in the near future, we are currently preparing for server migration as the site and our forums have attracted more popularity than we were anticipating (this is a very good thing!) so we are making the required changes to future-proof our site.

Please bear with us while we make these changes and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this migration may cause. :) ( Official Forums )


Twitch Stream

June 23rd at 6pm PDT Visionary Realms will be teaming up with Who's Gaming Now network for another Twitch stream. The focus will be Black Dagger Keep and a possible dungeon crawl. 


Here there be spiders!

Another round of testing screenshots from Aradune set in a dark dungeon filled with spiders. 

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State of the Game June 2016


The Shaman character class has been revealed and added to the class pages. 


The Black Daggers

The Black Daggers have been revealed as a game faction stemming from the treacherous betrayal or treasonous act of E'mani Karos, Thronefastian officer. Enemis of Thronefast, the Black Daggers have rallied around E'mani Karos in their base Keep Leon within the recesses of Avendyr's Pass. 


Twitch Stream

June 23rd at 6pm PDT Visionary Realms will be teaming up with Who's Gaming Now network for another Twitch stream. The focus will be Black Dagger Keep and a possible dungeon crawl. 


VIP Roundtable

Invites should be sent out for the VIP pledge backers for a VIP roundtable with developers. It is scheduled June 16th, 2016 at 7 pm PDT. If you are a VIP backer you can also find a link in the VIP only section of the Pantheon Forums. Register early to guarantee access to the full discussion. 

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Tue14Jun2016 has a new article detailing the Perception system and impacts on the NPC dialogue.

- The player is in proximity of a story-related point of interest (POI). Example Perception messaging: “This place resonates with greatness...


- The player has progressed far enough into a dungeon for a quest to be triggered. Example Perception messaging: “What is that sound? It seems to be coming from all around...”


- The player has found a mysterious amulet. Once they put it on, it begins to have an effect on them. Example Perception messaging: “This amulet is feeling heavier and heavier…


- Class-specific Perception can give insight into certain unique things. A Druid or Ranger might get a message like, "I hear an animal breathing. It is small, and close - behind that rock...", whereas other classes would not see a message like this and would not know to look there.

Instead of typing in or clicking on keywords to advance the conversation, players will choose from a set of responses at certain points throughout the conversation to advance the dialogue. Thus, NPCs will have multiple Conversation Paths a player can choose to go down, each being mutually exclusive and having unique consequences or benefits. Perception messaging will often contain clues to what these different Conversation Paths can lead to.


A key to this system is permanence. Each time a player response is chosen, it is permanent. You can quit the conversation with an NPC and come back at a later time to finish, but you will pick up the conversation at the same point you left off.


Aradune teases Spell Chaining

In a crazy pantheon screen shot there appears to be some testing on ability chaining from one creature to another based on their proximity to the target. 

Update: Further explanation from Aradune on his Facebook page that this was focused on mob pathing against a war wizard protected by GM buffs. The AOE freezes the enemies and damaging them with Ice. Not something a character would be able to survive unless they are much higher level and playing around. 


Core Report with Lauralania, NickHots, and ErhoTV

A streamed panel on lore, theorycrafting, and general discussion about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. 

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MMORPG posted an article on Mana Climates last week shed some new light on the feature and requested questions from the community to be answered by Visionary Realms Developers. 

Activating an ability’s Mana Affinity can apply a wide range of bonus modifiers to that ability, including the chance for powerful effect-procs, depending on the quality of the Relic and the depth of the particular Mana Affinity. Each time an ability with that Mana Affinity is used, it will drain a percentage of the Mana contained in the Relic, until the Relic is empty. (Hint: fighting inside of a Mana Climate will allow your Relic to continually replenish itself in and out of combat!)

The questions were collected and 10 were answered by Joppa ranging from limits on relics, methods to obtain, and player modifications or control of mana climates. 

MMORPG: So it kind of sounded like every class will have some type of "mana affinity" or is it purely "magic classes"?

Chris Perkins: It is not the classes that have the mana affinity, but the spells/abilities themselves. A Wizard's fireball spell might have a red mana affinity, while a Cleric's healing spell may have a white mana affinity. These are not official examples, btw!

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