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Analysis of Black Dagger Keep Stream
Twitch, Analysis

Summary and analysis of Thursday's Pre-Alpha Live Stream by Visionary Realms and Who's Gaming Now and twitch chat discussion

For best viewing of the stream go to the Twitch archive and change settings to view source!

The stream followed a group of 6 level 10 adventurers through Avendyr's Pass into Black Dagger Keep the home of the faction Black Daggers and into Halnir Caves/Mines.

  • Warrior (2)
  • Cleric
  • Enchanter - Perspective of the stream
  • Wizard
  • Rogue

The following Factions were displayed during the stream, but alignment is indeterminable due to faction game messages being bugged.

  • The Pass Authority
  • Black Daggers
  • Union of Shadow
  • The Hidden
  • Thronefast Regulars
  • Merchants of Thronefast
  • Merchants of the Pass
  • The Withered
  • Minions of Halnir

UI/Graphic Elements

Group party direction arrows exist as an alternative to use of mini-map

HP Bars are displayed above Mob/Party Member bodies. As damage comes in it is displayed in RED chunks lowering the HP bar from right to left. If more damage is coming in quickly the RED section will stay visible longer, but after a time gap in damage the HP bar will shorten to the remaining Green length. Intended to show progress and strength of abilities.

Nameplates will likely be colored by type (enemy, friendly, party, etc)

Debuffs icons such as mesmerize on enemies are displayed under their nameplates.

There will not be any scriptable UI or mods that drive macros and command chains. There will be customization of the skin and UI. They want you to actually play the game.

Plan to have loot rules configurable in the group (need before greed, group loot, free for all, etc)

Will show items on mobs where possible. Ex: The cracked staff in the skeleton's hand for early currency farming

Quest journal exists as a UI element, but will not be the driving focus of how to experience the game and world - See perception system section

Slash commands are planned such as /follow, /assist, /target

Basic graphic settings available were sliders for the distance various elements are visible in the Game Client.

  1. Level of Detail Distance
  2. Far Plane (Visible Distance)
  3. Shadow Distance
  4. Name Plates

Torches used each have their own light source and cast their own shadows.

The Halnir cave has a gap in the floor to see the floor below. There is a mesh to avoid falling through, but this could be explored in the future. 

No Voice Overs exist

Undecided if in Game Voice chat will be added

Perception System

As the group descended into Halnir Cave they passed a ruined pillar. 

An audio cue occurs and text appears in the middle of the screen "This pillar looks ancient"

The group ignored this and continued exploring the cave until they reached a locked door. They returned to the pillar and went around the back where the pillar is broken and crumbled.

An audio cue occurs and text appears in the middle of the screen "There is something in the rubble..."

After clicking around on the screen at the pillar a key appears on the floor. They can loot the key , A Golden Key, that is used to open the locked door.

Characters and Abilities

No gender locks will exist on classes

Falling damage exists

Characters will earn and can display surnames and titles

Spells and  Abilities will be gained both from automatic level awards and exploration/discovery

Spells and Abilities will need to be memorized to use

Spells can fizzle costing a base % of the mana cost. The chance to fizzle is tied to the spell school used to cast the spell and the character's statistics

Casting spells you can see the mana you will use as greyed out on your mana bar. The mana is then spent over the duration of the spell cast time. If a character is interupted they will keep the mana they did not spend yet, but lose what they already consumed. Interrupting later in the cast time will result in more mana lost and an interrupted spell.

Group wide buffs instead of single target buffs will likely exist at higher levels

Enemy Tracking is not currently planned

Sitting down will increase the mana regeneration. It can also be impacted if the character is hungry or thirsty so food and drinimportantotant.

Pets and pet classes will exist, but not yet in the game.

Most likely Invisibility to Undead and Regular Invisibility will exist

Enchanters cannot use Maces

Clerics have strong damage spells vs. Undead

Teleport abilities are likely for certain classes

Quests, Events, and Guilds

Epic quests will exist, but unclear if class specific quests will exist.

Unclear on whether guild quests will exist, but there will be a deep guild system.

Want to have GM events

Special events could be added that trigger special enemies that observer different rules. A Healer Hater was the example that heals result in 10-20 times the normal aggro requiring the group to just burn the enemy while they healer is stressed to keep themselves alive and tank taunt/aggro is effectively meaningless.

Want to have an active Guide system.


Loading screen exists as the group crossed from Black Dagger Keep in Avendyr's Pass into Halnir Cave. Only a few seconds of loading screen on moderate to high computers used.

"No plans on instancing anything if we can avoid it"

Halnir Cave is a multi-floor dungeon that is shared among everyone who enters it. 

  • 1st Floor is level range 8-12
  • 2nd floor or lower can get into the mid 30's

The difficulty curve is such that you cannot just have many players to overcome the dungeon. Eventually, the disparity in level will result in speedy failure.

The death penalty is not set in stone but plans are to be somewhere between vanilla Everquest and Vanguard. Corpses will be important to retrieve.

Named mobs will be a combination between static (spawn time and location) and transient base don events. This could be impacted by time of day, events, a patrol path.

Group healing is not constantly filling the HP bars as mana is a constraint. The healer decides between healing the tank or group members as off tanking occurs.


The game will not be demoed at Pax Prime. Visionary Realms might visit for business development purposes.

Level cap might be 40 or 50.

Projecting Loot and Character statistic progression well beyond level cap (10 year plan).

No official stance on multi-boxing.

PVP and RP servers might exist based on interest.

Consumable items will likely be obtained from other players in the form of crafting.

Would like to implement archers or guards that can attack from range or alert enemies if possible.

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Early Gamplay Stream: BDK

Early Gameplay stream of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen with developers and Who's Gaming Now network visiting Black Dagger Keep and Halnir Mines

The archived stream can also be viewed to see chat interaction between fans and Kilsin.

As time allows review of the video for features, zones, and systems will be collected and listed.

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Gaiscioch Interview with Joppa, Twitch Stream Today
Interview, Twitch

Joppa Interview with Gaiscioch Magazine

Highlights from the interview:

  • Group content slated to be 6 players
  • Raid content will involve larger numbers (Numbers to be released later)
  • "Grand Scale Content" could affect multiple zones of players at once, or even entire planet itself
    • "you can expect to see several types of grand-scale content in Pantheon"
  • Focus on Rewarding Challenge, Genuine Immersion, and Social Bonds.

Twitch Stream Reminder

Visionary Realms will be streaming Pantheon at 6pm PDT. Join the stream to see Black Dagger Keep at Visionary Realms Twitch Stream or Who's Gaming Now.

This stream is expected to be posted on Youtube after the stream so links will be posted with comments when available. 

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VR Posts, Twitch Reminder, Spiders
 Originally Posted by Visionary Realms

2-4 group content

There will definitely be content for small groups in Pantheon ;) ( Official Forums )

Possible Website Outage

Hi Folks,

I just wanted to give you all a heads up about possible website and forum outages in the near future, we are currently preparing for server migration as the site and our forums have attracted more popularity than we were anticipating (this is a very good thing!) so we are making the required changes to future-proof our site.

Please bear with us while we make these changes and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience that this migration may cause. :) ( Official Forums )


Twitch Stream

June 23rd at 6pm PDT Visionary Realms will be teaming up with Who's Gaming Now network for another Twitch stream. The focus will be Black Dagger Keep and a possible dungeon crawl. 


Here there be spiders!

Another round of testing screenshots from Aradune set in a dark dungeon filled with spiders. 

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Shaman reveal, Black Dagger Keep, Twitch Stream, and VIP roundtable
Shaman, Black Daggers, Twitch

State of the Game June 2016


The Shaman character class has been revealed and added to the class pages. 


The Black Daggers

The Black Daggers have been revealed as a game faction stemming from the treacherous betrayal or treasonous act of E'mani Karos, Thronefastian officer. Enemis of Thronefast, the Black Daggers have rallied around E'mani Karos in their base Keep Leon within the recesses of Avendyr's Pass. 


Twitch Stream

June 23rd at 6pm PDT Visionary Realms will be teaming up with Who's Gaming Now network for another Twitch stream. The focus will be Black Dagger Keep and a possible dungeon crawl. 


VIP Roundtable

Invites should be sent out for the VIP pledge backers for a VIP roundtable with developers. It is scheduled June 16th, 2016 at 7 pm PDT. If you are a VIP backer you can also find a link in the VIP only section of the Pantheon Forums. Register early to guarantee access to the full discussion. 

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Perception System, Spell Chaining, Core Report
Information has a new article detailing the Perception system and impacts on the NPC dialogue.

- The player is in proximity of a story-related point of interest (POI). Example Perception messaging: “This place resonates with greatness...


- The player has progressed far enough into a dungeon for a quest to be triggered. Example Perception messaging: “What is that sound? It seems to be coming from all around...”


- The player has found a mysterious amulet. Once they put it on, it begins to have an effect on them. Example Perception messaging: “This amulet is feeling heavier and heavier…


- Class-specific Perception can give insight into certain unique things. A Druid or Ranger might get a message like, "I hear an animal breathing. It is small, and close - behind that rock...", whereas other classes would not see a message like this and would not know to look there.

Instead of typing in or clicking on keywords to advance the conversation, players will choose from a set of responses at certain points throughout the conversation to advance the dialogue. Thus, NPCs will have multiple Conversation Paths a player can choose to go down, each being mutually exclusive and having unique consequences or benefits. Perception messaging will often contain clues to what these different Conversation Paths can lead to.


A key to this system is permanence. Each time a player response is chosen, it is permanent. You can quit the conversation with an NPC and come back at a later time to finish, but you will pick up the conversation at the same point you left off.


Aradune teases Spell Chaining

In a crazy pantheon screen shot there appears to be some testing on ability chaining from one creature to another based on their proximity to the target. 

Update: Further explanation from Aradune on his Facebook page that this was focused on mob pathing against a war wizard protected by GM buffs. The AOE freezes the enemies and damaging them with Ice. Not something a character would be able to survive unless they are much higher level and playing around. 


Core Report with Lauralania, NickHots, and ErhoTV

A streamed panel on lore, theorycrafting, and general discussion about Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. 

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