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Sunsets and more

A new batch of images came out on Twitter today showing the lighting, water visibility, and render distances.

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Forums Added to Frail Age

Introducing forum to the Frail Age website. 


This was requested last year however due to some technical difficulties with the options available a solution comfortable for management and aesthetics as not available until now. 

  • Accounts are linked through the main Frail Age site. (Ensure you have authenticated the account by checking email)
  • Basic forums are now setup. Modifications can be made on user request.

This is not in anyway to replace the Visionary Realm forums and simply a supplement to the content on this website and any discussion that occurs. 

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FAQ update, VR, Molnea

VR Team Expands Again

Visionary Realms has continued the quick hiring and securing additional talent to bring Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen to its fans.

Robert Crane has joined the team as a Senior Programmer.

Official FAQ Updated 2.20.17

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen website has updated their Frequently Asked Questions page.

Molnea - Wild's End

Molnea a giant snake has been introduced and should be a target to be found in Wild's End. Halfling's might be wetting their teeth on this giant snake in the earlier levels. 

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VR expands team

Visionary Realms has expanded their web team with two Web Developers.

Aaron Thomas and Jacob Williams have joined the team and the rumors of a new forum being rolled out continue to bubble as expectations rise. 

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February Newsletter

Visionary Realms released the February Newsletter.


A new fun feature titled ICYMI to allow fans to get caught up on things they might have missed in the past. The first edition showed some higher detailed images of Archai, Gnomes, and Ogres.



Classes and Race Combinations

The Class and Race combination matrix has been released showing the limits and options available to each race. Quite a bit of discussion over Elven Clerics and Paladins or Dark Myr Clerics. The oddity of Dark Myr Bards and Ogre Druids caught the attention of some fans.


State of Game

Two recent additions to the team. 

Associate Designer - Tim Wathen

Senior Programmer - Robert Crane


The two Twitch streams have been successful and they are planning another soon.

Design and Programming have been hard at work getting the first layer of Extreme Climate and Acclimation systems functional. Another class reveal is expected soon and expected to be unveiled during the next stream. Included in these reveals will be two new zones South Saol Penninsula, home to a new dungeon Tower of the Reckless Magician. NPC Artifical Intelligence (AI) is also expected to improve with enemy casters actually standing at range to rain down the fiery destruction on your group. 

Hints of the first round of access to Pantheon getting closer is being teased, but all of us will need to be patient as ever.



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Highlights of Dec Stream

EQOAnostalgia an avid fan of Everquest Online Adventures has done a breakdown of the December Twitch Stream of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen with CohhCarnage.



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