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The Frail Age: Website Info

The Frail Age is a fan site focused on news regarding Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen from Visionary Realms.



This site will borrow heavily with publicly available information from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen official website. Sources will be given where possible and information will be archived to show changes over time since the game is currently in development.

All other material linked or shared here will include the source to ensure proper copyright or creator rights are honored. 

For any concerns about material or content rights please contact the administrator.



If you are seeking publicity for a fan site, twitch streams, or any other content. Please contact the administrator to review.



The site does run limited advertisements intended to offset the maintenance costs and domain registrations. This site is not designed to function as a business. 

If any advertisements are encountered that behave outside of normal expectations (hijacking browser, redirects, etc) please notify the administrator. 

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