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One of the three continents assaulted during the Deicide War. Assaulted by Ossari. 

The Silent Sanctum was built here. 


  • Elves
  • Humans
  • Halflings (arrived during The Frail Age)
  • Mos Cag Warriors
  • Elvonnen Giants
  • Assasinns of the Red Raven

The human city of Havensong was destroyed and razed during the Deicide War by Ossari. 


  • Avendyr's Pass
  • Faerthale - Captial of the Elves
  • Thronefast (Avendyr's Seat) - Capital of the Humans
  • Ru'Lun (Port)
  • Steppes of Ru'Lun
  • The Seven Locked Door
  • The Silent Plains
  • The Silent Sanctum
  • The Vae Wood
  • Tower of the Reckless Magician
  • Veil of Azeris
  • Wild's End - Capital of the Halflings