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MMORPG: Reward Cycle - Part 1 Launch Titles

Massive Multiplier Online Role Playing Games (MMORPGs) are enormous development effort designed to engage a large number of players concurrently. The huge financial cost means that designers have an obligation both to their investors and players to provide content in a manner that keeps players engaged and ultimately logged into the game and paying the subscription fees.  This motivation generates a reward cycle allowing players to invest their time, money, and effort to achieve varying results providing a sense of progression. 

The reward cycle is critical to the success of an MMORPG because developers cannot create content faster than players can consume it. Procedurally generated content has been explored, but typically the sense of novelty is absent and players lose interest or do not treat it as anything more than previously explored content with different skins/models or a different sequence of the same events.

This reward cycle can either be a positive factor for enjoyment or a negative factor of addiction. The differences rely on the player rather than the systems used.

While these types of reward cycles are not restrictive to MMORPGs this is where they are most commonly found. In this article, we are exploring a number of MMORPGs and how they implement their reward cycles. Among these games are the following:

  • Everquest
  • Everquest 2
  • World of Warcraft
  • Final Fantasy XIV
  • Destiny
  • Guild Wars 2

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MMO Acroynyms

AE- Area Effect (Also AOE for Area of Effect)

AFK - Away From Keyboard

Aggro - When a hostile mob has engaged the player and is attacking or chasing the player. Tanks will generate aggro during the fight to keep the enemy focused on themselves rather then healers or dps classes.

Alt - Another character owned by the same player.

BoE - Bind on Equip. An item that can be traded up until it is equipped for the first time. Once equipped the item is bound to the player.

BoP - Bind on Pickup. An item that once picked up cannot be traded to other players.

Buff - A temporary boost to character attribute or combat ability.

Crowd Control - Spells or Abilities that can paralyze, stun, root, or in other ways limit the abilities of enemies during an encounter. Each flavor of Crowd Control has their own risks and rewards.

DD - Direct Damage

Debuff - A temporary limit or weakening of enemy attributes or combat abilities.

Ding - Sound heard during Everquest when a level was gained. Players commonly would say "Ding!" to communicate a level gain.

DoT - Damage over Time

DPS - Damage Per Second. Can be used to describe classes focused on doing damage instead of healers or tanks.

FD - Feign Death. An ability granted to certain classes to make enemies believe you are dead.

GM - Game Master. Either an employee of the game publisher or a volunteer helping the game. They can moderate behavior, help resolve issues or complaints, and resolve game bugs depending on the powers given by the game developer (ex: Stuck Players)

INC - Incoming

Instance - A copy of the game world or dungeon for the players that currently inhabit it. Allows multiple groups to be in the same game space without seeing each other. 

Kite - Continually moving a mob either for positioning issues, crowd control, or tactic to defeat the enemy. Typically utilizes buffs to allow the kiter to move faster then the mob.

KoS - Kill on Sight

KS - Kill Steal

LD - Link Dead. When a player is disconnected from the game.

LFG - Looking for Group

LFM - Looking for More

LOM - Low on Mana

LoS - Line of Sight

Mez - Short for Mesmerize a form of Crowd Control.

Min-Maxing - Characters created and optimized by gear or selections to be the statistically superior choices.

MOB - Mobile or Monster is a computer-controller non-player character. Typically used to refer to hostile NPCs. Later used to mean "mobile object", "monster or beast", "mere ordinary beast" and "mean old bastard".

MT - Mistell. When a message is sent to the wrong recipient either a personal whisper or a chat channel.

MUD - Multiple User Dungeon

MultiBoxing - A game method where a single player will have two characters playing at the same time. Requires multiple accounts, copies of the game, and either computers or 2nd instance running on the  same computer.

Nerf - Reduction in the power of an ability by developers.

NPC - Non-Player Character

OOC - Out of Character

Pat - Patrol. When a mob has a standard or random patrol path.

Port - Teleport

Proc - A spell effect that triggers randomly based on a programmed formula. Typically there is randomness involved, but some game mechanics add safeguards to put a floor or ceiling on the quantities of procs in a given time period.

Pull - Grabbing enemy mobs and bringing them to the group that is hunting them at either a static or moving camp. 

PvE - Player versus environment

PvP - Player versus Player

Rez - Resurrection

Soulbound - An item that cannot be traded in any way. Typically results of quests intended to be only attainable through completing the quest.

Stun - Form of Crowd Control to immobilize the enemy.

Tank - A player class that is intending to soak the enemy damage while they are healed and other players focusing on doing damage to the enemy mobs.

Train - A horde of mobs chasing a player or group of players typically running to the zone line to escape. Dangerous for those just entering zone lines or players AFK in spots they considered safe.

Twink - Giving money or items of value to either an alternative character or another player.

Twisting - Rapidly changing from one ability to another where the abilities overlap momentarily. Typically used to describe Bard player class singing multiple songs one after the other to maximize the effect since the short turn buffs lasted longer than it took to sing each successive song. 

Wipe - When the entire group or raid is dead causing a reset to the enemy encounter. Total player/group wipe means everyone has died, but a normal wipe recovery might be hastened by a class that can hide from enemies.

WTB - Want to Buy

WTS - Want to Sell

Zone - A separate environment that players can inhabit. Typically separated by modes of transportation (boat, portal, etc) or zone lines traditionally visible as narrow corridors, caves, doorways, or winding paths (Some large zone lines exist).



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