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Technical Art of Pantheon
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Last week Visionary Realms collaborated with CohhCarnage on some technical details of the graphics and progress that has been made in the pre-alpha build.


  • Before and after shots detailing impacts of lighting, shadows, and reflections on the player view of the world.
  • Preparation for Day/Night cycle and shadows while still allowing visibility and contrast while in shadows.
  • Maintaining graphic performance with very large clip/draw distances
  • Batch processing of same elements (flags) in the graphics rendering
  • Water diffusion of the image while underwater and plans to utilize the same techniques for other areas
  • Audio and graphic/lighting fog with game element atmosphere
  • Unity 2017 will be used when available

Note that pledge levels that include Pre-Alpha access will soon be modified to exclude the Pre-Alpha access since this will be starting soon. Please keep in mind with the Pantheon Alpha/Beta program this is closer to a traditional program where access is granted on a limited basis typically in controlled waves both to ensure stability and responsiveness of bug reporting/support. This is not an open beta designed to stress test the server right before launch or a rolling launch. Those open beta/stress tests might occur, but much closer to release. So pledger who should have access should not panic if you are not included in the first wave and with the length of these pre-alpha/alpha/beta programs you should have plenty of play time prior to release. 

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