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Post Summer Catchup
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It has been a busy summer and not much time for this project sadly, but things are calming down again so time to catch up with some of the things that happened the last couple months.

SDCC 2017 Teaser Trailer "Bring Friends"

For the San Diego Comic-Con a teaser trailer was released titled "Bring Friends".


August Newsletter

The August Newsletter provided some meet and greets for the new Project Manager Lynn Ashworth, CS Lead Sierra Rush, and Director of Communications Benjamin Dean

Highlights of player contributions to patch notes were provided:

Stopped player pets from being damaged by player AoE abilities

Stern words and sharp looks will still hurt their feelings.

- Kumu (Pantheon Forums)

Player pets have now been removed from commercials featuring Sarah McLachlan.

- Kaberu (Reddit)

Rolled up newspapers, however, are still functional.

- Alexis (Facebook)

Healing spells now add a correct amount of hate

A great cry echoed throughout the land. The sound of ten thousand healers getting pummeled.

- @Valerion1546 (Twitter)

Additional hate applied if the idiot you're trying to heal keeps moving out of your line-of-sight.

- Bazgrim (Forums)

Player landing from a drop off a ledge no longer slides along briefly

You have become better at Stick the Landing (200)!

- Alexis (Facebook)

Promo images used at San Diego Comic-Con are now available for viewing pleasure in high definition.

The August community spotlight was an interview with CanadinaXegony.


YouTube spotlight on Pantheon

Vress Games has posted a number of Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen videos looking at the overall picture, the classic features, and the perception system.




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