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Pantheon Hiring

Visionary Realms hired David Schlow as the Producer of Promotional Content.

David Schlow joins the team as the Producer of Promotional Content. David is the former Creative Director of Men’s Journal magazine where he oversaw both the Art and Photo departments. Before that, he was Deputy Design Director at both Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine.

A closet D&D fan, David let his geek flag fly after he received a demo disc for EverQuest Online Adventures with his Playstation 2 network adapter. From there he was hooked. Leading guilds in many MMOs from EQ to EQOA to EQ2 to Vanguard to Rift. His most memorable MMO moment was in EQOA when his dog jumped on his lap, accidentally sending an arrow that pulled Lord Nagafen and trained his entire guild. (Noob!)

In his (not so) spare time David writes TV scripts. His pilot for a sci-fi adventure series, named Jackrabbit, recently placed second in Scriptapalooza and he’s also a big ice hockey fan.

Please join us in making him feel welcome!

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