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May Newsletter
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Visionary Realms released the May Newsletter for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

They repeated their expansion in hiring with a limited number of positions

Visionary Realms is seeking talented, highly experienced MMO production team members with specific skills for full time positions in North San Diego County, California. Some positions may be filled on a contract basis while other positions may be remote. All positions are for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen and subject to a three month probationary period. 

Previous experience in the games industry is required, and it is desirable to have worked on at least one successfully shipped commercial game title. 

BuzWeaver's recap of the Developer Streams was promoted as well as links to the full youtube videos of Part 1 and Part 2

Acclimation from the start of the Developer Stream Part 2 was expanded upon.

What is the acclimation system? It’s one of the most interesting components of Pantheon that separates it from the current crop of MMORPGs. Acclimation is a method of dealing with the harsh environments you will find in the world of Terminus. By using various infusions on different parts of the body, characters can help mitigate the external forces that may impact them. These infusions are on a tier based system, with lower tiers being more common and the highest requiring more advanced gameplay to attain. As with most of the systems planned for Pantheon, a measure of player interaction will be present in the form of craftable infusions. Another level of complexity is achieved by allowing more than one environmental system to be active simultaneously. Players will be able to use multiple infusions at once to help counteract their effects. 

Monk Preview

Through longstanding discipline and unwavering obedience to ancient teachings, the Monk wields their body and soul as a devastating, holistic weapon against their enemies. 

Group Role: Melee DPS, Off-Tank, Pulling Utility 

Armor: Cloth, Light Leather and Monk-Specific Materials 

Weaponry: While Monks are proficient in many types of blunt weaponry, it is their devastating hand-to-hand techniques that make them one of the most feared combatants in Terminus. In addition, many Monks devote themselves to honing deadly skill with the Shuriken.

Ability Arsenal: Monks have mastered the arts of transforming their body and soul into resilient, living weapons. The Arts of the Body consist of devastating physical attacks such as Flurry Punch, Strike of the Wayward Wind and Rising Moon Kick. The Arts of the Soul allow Monks to concentrate their flow of Chi into punishing physical attacks like Surge of Chi, defensive abilities like Mountain Pose, and self-healing techniques like Resonating Palm.

Iconic Ability: Feign Death. Through mastery of their own body and soul, Monks are able to sustain their life while slowing their heartbeat to a complete stop. While in this state, the Monk will appear dead and be ignored by most creatures. 

We spoke with Creative Director Chris Perkins about the Monk, and while the class is still very much a work in progress, he had few interesting design ideas about the class he shared with us. The Monk is envisioned not as just a fantastic pulling class, but also as capable melee DPS, short term crowd control and as a suitable offtank. The class will feature two specializations - Body and Soul. Body will be the prototypical hand-to-hand DPS class while Soul is envisioned to be a stalwart off-tank with self-healing mechanics and high avoidance. Fans of the traditional Monk and of Vanguards Disciple will feel right at home with this highly utilitarian class.

- Fix humanoid NPC sliding issues. Scott Hamilton has given his nod of approval.
- Add chicken audio. If a chicken crosses a road the forest, does it make a sound? Well, now it does.
- Fixed collision issue with overflow bag. Unlike some airlines, this fix comes at no charge.
- Added extra check to NPC corpses to make sure they are being looted. No one likes a messy bedroom with corpses strewn about.
- Shaman pets are 100% more likely to attack their targets when asked to do so. We suspect this is due to the pet now being canine. The cats were doing whatever they wanted, whenever they wanted.
- Fix issues with NPCs and Pets on elevators. Floor 12 had a real scare last month when someone showed up with their pet velociraptor. Let’s be more considerate going forward.
- Adjust UI scale to give more screen real estate. To be featured on House Hunters.
- Casters will stop at ranged combat distance when pursuing a player. The halitosis comments have made them self-conscious.
- Players will stay seated after memorizing a spell, rather than standing if they were previously standing. They will also keep their arms and legs inside the ride at all times.
- Abilities can no longer be used during global cooldown. Kilsin, we are unable to approve your request to have this fix removed.
- Fix bag swapping issue with items disappearing. We’re looking at you for this one too, Kilsin.
- Quadrupedal (and higher) NPCs now pitch correctly when going up steep slopes. A cappella rehearsal this Saturday.
- Test fix for rare and random cases where the player can fall through the ground. Extreme quicksand is not a thing.
- Set NPC interaction message to "You are currently in combat and cannot interact with Soandso." if you are in combat. Poor Soandso. Stop the hate.
- Add collision to outhouse. Believe me, we’re glad to have this fix.
- Fix missing material on wooden staff. The name alone was not convincing enough.
- Make player fall to ground in dead state if you die while in the air. NASA to spend $8BN on orbiting corpse cleanup project.

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