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Developer Livestream
Interview, Twitch, Graphics, Pre-Alpha

The Visionary Realms developers of Pantheon Rise of the Fallen joined CohhCarnage for a live stream today. One of the things included with this was a teaser video for Project Faerthale the zone VR is focusing on to provide a start to finish view of the gameplay players can expect. A new logo for Pantheon Rise of the Fallen was revealed

At the end of this teaser you can see a raid environment with a wind shear climate. 


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Pre-Alpha Starts
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Visionary Realms has announced that Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has entered Pre-Alpha testing December 13th, 2017.

Hundreds will be entering the world of Terminus this week to experience the glorious grey boxes seen on the City Building stream and help grow the game as they provide assistance in squashing bugs, generating feedback, and helping in many other ways the passionate fans can. The Pre-Alpha access was a perk of VIP pledges from the Pantheon website. While payment plans have been removed they are still offering Pre-Alpha access to the Originator's Pledge until December 20th, 2017. After that time the Pre-Alpha access will be removed and anyone who pledges at this level will receive the other perks to include Alpha access when this occurs.

Brad McQuaid even linked to a Pre-Alpha video of Everquest for comparison purposes

Also included in the December newsletter was a deeper dive into the Grass technology, methods, and results of the customization that is occurring on the Unity Engine. This impacts the immersion of the game world and one tech demo image, as well as some images in the Thronefast region, were shared.



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Building a City, Pre-Alpha
Twitch, Pre-Alpha

Visionary Realms did another live stream with @CohhCarnage detailing the design, implementation, and staging process for city building with a preview of many grey boxes in the capital city of Thronefast.

Also teased with this city preview was the announcement that Pre-Alpha is about to begin. 

Pre-Alpha has been removed from the pledge levels for VIP level pledges. You can still get the rest of the rewards and Alpha access, but Pre-Alpha is closed for now. Details will be limited and much of it locked behind Non-Disclosure Agreements. 

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Technical Art of Pantheon
news, Twitch, Pre-Alpha

Last week Visionary Realms collaborated with CohhCarnage on some technical details of the graphics and progress that has been made in the pre-alpha build.


  • Before and after shots detailing impacts of lighting, shadows, and reflections on the player view of the world.
  • Preparation for Day/Night cycle and shadows while still allowing visibility and contrast while in shadows.
  • Maintaining graphic performance with very large clip/draw distances
  • Batch processing of same elements (flags) in the graphics rendering
  • Water diffusion of the image while underwater and plans to utilize the same techniques for other areas
  • Audio and graphic/lighting fog with game element atmosphere
  • Unity 2017 will be used when available

Note that pledge levels that include Pre-Alpha access will soon be modified to exclude the Pre-Alpha access since this will be starting soon. Please keep in mind with the Pantheon Alpha/Beta program this is closer to a traditional program where access is granted on a limited basis typically in controlled waves both to ensure stability and responsiveness of bug reporting/support. This is not an open beta designed to stress test the server right before launch or a rolling launch. Those open beta/stress tests might occur, but much closer to release. So pledger who should have access should not panic if you are not included in the first wave and with the length of these pre-alpha/alpha/beta programs you should have plenty of play time prior to release. 

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Post Summer Catchup
news, newsletter, Youtube spotlight

It has been a busy summer and not much time for this project sadly, but things are calming down again so time to catch up with some of the things that happened the last couple months.

SDCC 2017 Teaser Trailer "Bring Friends"

For the San Diego Comic-Con a teaser trailer was released titled "Bring Friends".


August Newsletter

The August Newsletter provided some meet and greets for the new Project Manager Lynn Ashworth, CS Lead Sierra Rush, and Director of Communications Benjamin Dean

Highlights of player contributions to patch notes were provided:

Stopped player pets from being damaged by player AoE abilities

Stern words and sharp looks will still hurt their feelings.

- Kumu (Pantheon Forums)

Player pets have now been removed from commercials featuring Sarah McLachlan.

- Kaberu (Reddit)

Rolled up newspapers, however, are still functional.

- Alexis (Facebook)

Healing spells now add a correct amount of hate

A great cry echoed throughout the land. The sound of ten thousand healers getting pummeled.

- @Valerion1546 (Twitter)

Additional hate applied if the idiot you're trying to heal keeps moving out of your line-of-sight.

- Bazgrim (Forums)

Player landing from a drop off a ledge no longer slides along briefly

You have become better at Stick the Landing (200)!

- Alexis (Facebook)

Promo images used at San Diego Comic-Con are now available for viewing pleasure in high definition.

The August community spotlight was an interview with CanadinaXegony.


YouTube spotlight on Pantheon

Vress Games has posted a number of Pantheon:Rise of the Fallen videos looking at the overall picture, the classic features, and the perception system.




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Pantheon Hiring

Visionary Realms hired David Schlow as the Producer of Promotional Content.

David Schlow joins the team as the Producer of Promotional Content. David is the former Creative Director of Men’s Journal magazine where he oversaw both the Art and Photo departments. Before that, he was Deputy Design Director at both Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine.

A closet D&D fan, David let his geek flag fly after he received a demo disc for EverQuest Online Adventures with his Playstation 2 network adapter. From there he was hooked. Leading guilds in many MMOs from EQ to EQOA to EQ2 to Vanguard to Rift. His most memorable MMO moment was in EQOA when his dog jumped on his lap, accidentally sending an arrow that pulled Lord Nagafen and trained his entire guild. (Noob!)

In his (not so) spare time David writes TV scripts. His pilot for a sci-fi adventure series, named Jackrabbit, recently placed second in Scriptapalooza and he’s also a big ice hockey fan.

Please join us in making him feel welcome!

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